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"His voice can make his listeners feel any emotion known to man. On top of that, you add unique sounds and a kick that you can feel to Marco's amazing voice, and you get a product in which music is missing..." Danielle Simmons (Atlanta Music Blog) 


Marco Alexander, born Marcus Alexander Hurt, is an international Singer/ Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Instrumentalist, Designer, and all around ARTIST. Second born in Memphis TN and listening to such artists as Jackie Wilson, Phil Collins, Frankie Lymon, Sam Cooke, Sting, and Michael Jackson; he started his study of music at an extremely young age. Along with being exposed to such artists, he is also the second cousin of Andrew Love; of the late horn section duo, “The Memphis Horns.” These artists, along with legendary family members, have taught Marco to develop a style that is not only untouchable, but also timeless. Marco grew up watching his mother Rosalyn, lead the church choir while sitting next to the organ player so that he wouldn’t get into trouble. It was very clear that he was destined to be around the arts for a very long time. With his parents being instrumentalists & vocalists, he was often granted the opportunity to travel and study sounds that were unfamiliar to him. Whether it was the sound of beating on pots and pans as a toddler, or listening to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra perform The Sea Symphony on a middle school trip; Marco took advantage of every opportunity to understand the idea of music. He always seemed to be extremely interested in every aspect of the performing arts. Marco started in piano lessons at a very young age however, started to study string instruments soon after entering the third grade. He was also a part of one of the nations leading children's choirs,

“The Angels of Praise” under the direction of Anthony Q. Richardson (whom he gives credit for a lot of his vocal ambition). As a result, Marcus was granted the opportunity to represent several professional symphony orchestras and industry music organizations on television/radio airings as a young prodigy. During his senior year in high school, Marcus (double bass) won the opportunity to make his Carnegie Hall debut with the National Festival Symphony performing Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony. At the point of graduating high school, Marcus was already venturing into the theater world where he won his first audition. Since then, he has been featured in shows such as Thoroughly Modern Millie (Chorus), Aida (as Mereb) in four different theaters, Dreamgirls (CC), and more. This is where he found a new love for production design and had already begun designing his future shows under the name "Marco Alexander". Marco received a bachelors degree in Music Education & Music Performance, with a minor in music business from the University of Memphis, where he studied with John Chiego. After countless success at the University, this led him to tour and perform with over 23 ensembles nationwide and tour on national soundtrack tours with Disney and Nintendo.

"People tell you often that the sky is the limit. I am one who finally understands that statement and can honestly challenge it by saying that the sky is NEVER the limit. There is so much more left to discover, if you are willing to work for it." - Marco Alexander

As well as being a trained musician, Marco has created a sound that will influence any situation. His voice is untouchable, his harmonies are uncommon, and his lyrics are written from everyday situations that occur throughout the world around him. However, his music is not only inspired from the traditional Pop/R&B culture, but other world cultures from known to the unknown. He refers to this as the "LivingMusik" sound. Having traveled and studied music in Germany, West Africa, and other countries, Marco has never settled in the common way of musical execution. He has always thought of himself as someone who never conformed to this world (or your average sound/experience); from the way that he processed thoughts to the way that he arranges his melodic structure. This brought him to start working on his debut EP, entitled “Friction”.

"In most cases, the track has to carry an experience before I decide to add lyrics to the track. If I don’t feel anything before the lyrics, it will not be a song worth hearing. Everything I sing about, someone around the world is going through." - Marco Alexander

It was not until 2017 that Marco released his debut EP. He was about finding his sound. Since then, he has performed in such venues such as The Orpheum Theatre of Memphis, The Cannon Center, The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Carnegie Hall; as well as other countries such as Germany, The Czech Republic, and New Mexico. He also has credits on albums as a musician (double bassist), as well as a singer/ songwriter/arranger. Marco, now the owner of clothing brand “Sound Kulture” has also developed a clothing line, designed by himself, that has been seen in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and even accompanying his music. On the back of each design for his “Friction” EP, is the title of one of the songs sewn in reflective nylon. Marco has been an Ethnic Print clothing designer for almost 10 years now. This has led him to share his style with the world and encourage being completely YOU!

In January of 2020, Marco traveled to Dakar Senegal, to begin studying for his 18 track album “Kultured Friction”. While there, Marco recorded with over five recording artists from all over Africa, earning him the title of INTERNATIONAL. In July 2021, Marco released his debut album and is now preparing for his debut tour and more.

“The definition of Friction is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when being placed over another. Take that definition and replace it with someone who never quite fit in because he saw the world in a different light. There is more to it, but that’s the gist of why I chose that title.” - Marco Alexander.

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